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Committee Structure

A. Party and Administration Office
1. Organize survey and investigation and collect information according to the overall work deployment of the party labor committee and the management committee, to know industry policies and development trends about advanced materials and report to the party labor committee and the management committee for references of decision making.

2. Organize and arrange meetings and activities of the party labor committee and the management committee, and take charge of meeting affairs.

3. Draft, modify, check, print, issue and report documents and manuscripts of the party labor committee and the management committee.

4. Timely deal with incoming documents, incoming calls and incoming letters and reply suggestions of the CPC members and proposals offered by the CPPCC members; receive visits from the mass; undertake visits transferred and ordered by institutes and leaders of the upper level and assist relevant departments to deal with important visits.

5. Take charge of foreign affairs and external collaboration, and communication reception.

6. Coordinate and supervise the implementation of work ordered by the party labor committee and the management committee.

7. Take charge of personnel work and carry out appraisal, reward and punishment, appointment and dismissal, transfer and file management of the staff of the management committee.

8. Coordinate promotion and spiritual construction; cooperate with the party branch to accomplish party affairs, and assist the work of the women's federation, labor union, and the communist youth league.

9. Take charge of security work, file management and logistics of the management committee.

B. Business Investment Bureau
1. Extend business investment channels; plan and organize business investment campaigns; set up and improve business investment network and attract more projects into the park.

2. Contact and communicate with investors and provide them with advice on laws, regulations and policies.

3. Select, sort, collect and track project information.

4. Prepare data of business investment; assist investors to inquire information and investigate; collect and sort relevant project data.

5. Take part in project negotiations, track project progress and assist settlement of projects.

6. Audit feasibility of project agreements, including the legitimacy of the project, realization of promises and accessibility of resources; assist leaders to sign project agreements.

7. Take charge of translation work; assist relevant departments on public diplomacy programs.

C. Economic Development Bureau
1. Assist relevant departments to prepare plans of park economic development and social programs and long-term development.

2. Provide “one-stop” service of project approval, construction and production; carry out dynamic tracking and management of the projects in the park.

3. Organize and coordinate assessment on the projects in the park about environment, energy, safety, occupational sanitation and lightning risk.

4. Coordinate power supply, water supply, heat supply, gas supply and sewage treatment for enterprises in the park.

5. Master enterprise development trend, industry development direction, cooperation and supporting facilities; provide good supporting services such as increasing investment to expand capacity, conducting technical modification to expand production and joint venture and cooperation.

6. Take charge of comprehensive statistical work and complete information management and filing of all types of data.

D. Planning and Construction Bureau
1. Prepare and implement overall planning, professional planning, regulatory detailed planning, and residential district detailed planning of the park; conduct feasibility study of project location of the park.

2. Take charge of planning design and bidding of infrastructure construction (including greening) and implement these works.

3. Carry out united planning and management over the projects in the park; audit floor planning, building facades and shaping of the companies; provide advice on engineering planning and offer services during construction.

4. Manage and maintain public service and supporting facilities of the park; maintain municipal pipelines.

5. Manage environmental sanitation, greening and road lamps of the park; carry out flood prevention.

6. Take charge of progress statistics of the ongoing projects and archiving and sorting of construction files.

E. Environment and Safety Administration Bureau (Fire Control Office)
1. Organize inspection and special supervision about safe production; monitor and instruct safe production of the enterprises in the park; hold work meetings of the safety committee and emergency drills.

2. Lawfully supervise and check the safety and environmental protection facilities of the newly-built, modified and extended projects, and the simultaneous design, construction and production of the main projects; assist the projects in the park to report work of environmental protection, safety and occupational sanitation; carry out management during the whole process.
3. Lawfully supervise and check the safety conditions of the work site, monitoring of major hazard source and rectification work of projects with major hidden hazards; lawfully punish the producers without safe production conditions.

4. Take charge of promotion and education on environmental protection and safe production; provide safety training to main business managers and safe production managers; provide post training and continuing education to environmental protection personnel, special operation personnel and practitioners of hazardous chemicals.

5. Conduct environmental impact assessment over the major economic development plans of the park; carry out pollution prevention, environmental monitoring and pollution source investigation and propose pollution control measures to promote recycling economy and ecological environment construction, and have more people and non-public organizations to participate in environmental protection.

6. Deal with production accidents, environmental pollution accidents and pollution disputes, and letters and visits.

7. Prepare annual fire prevention plans and emergency evacuation plans; carry out regular fire safety inspection and make inspection records; provide corrective measures or suggestions on fire hazards found during inspection, and supervise rectification.

8. Exam indoor and outdoor fire control facilities of the companies in the park, and supervise their maintenance and change of fire control facilities.

9. Carry out fire control promotion and provide training on fire fighting skills.

F. Public Utilities Bureau
1. Investigate and analyze dynamics of the human resources in the park; prepare and implement talent introduction, training and employment promotion; strengthen employment and unemployment forecast and early warning; carry out prevention, conditioning and control to maintain a stable employment situation.

2. Provide labor and personnel services to enterprises in the park, including introduction and training of human resources, labor management and mediation and arbitration of labor disputes.

3. Assist enterprises to deal with identification of work ability and occupational injuries, approval of employee retirement, filing of underage workers and approval of special working hours.

4. Organize technical title application, examination, approval and daily management of technicians; organize and manage post-doctoral innovation and practice base and post-doctoral workstation.

5. Implement policies, laws and regulations of the upper level on technology development and technology promoting economic and social development; together with relevant departments, prepare long-term planning and annual plan of technology development of the park.

6. Promote the technological innovation system of the park and improve technological innovation capability.

7. Organize application of technological programs and projects like national key scientific and technological project, torch plan project, high-tech enterprise and engineering and technology center.

8. Actively set up carriers for technological innovation and take charge of management and talent introduction of the technological innovation center.

G. Finance Department
1. Take part in preparing long-term development planning of the park and implement fiscal and taxation policies.

2. Prepare annual budget and internal and external income and expense plans of the park.

3. Audit engineering final accounts of the infrastructure construction and supervise the use of funds.

4. Exam and supervise income and expense of capital in and out of budget.

5. Take charge of daily financial accounting of the expenditure of the management committee, the expenditure of infrastructure construction of the investment and operation company, the sewage treatment plant and Longfu Business Establishment Development Co., Ltd.

6. Take charge of tax statistics and analysis of the enterprises in the park.

7. Sort and archive of the files of the accountants of the financial department.

8. Take charge of financing work of the park.