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Basic Infrastructures

"Nine connections and one leveling" have been realized: water, power, heat, gas, sewage, post, telecommunications, and closed circuit TV are available, and people are accessible to the paved roads and leveled ground. Fire station, cogeneration plant, sewage treatment plant, drainage station and other public facilities have been put into use.

Sewage Treatment: We have a special sewage treatment plant, which is under the management of Suez Environment. Its total design sewage treatment capacity is 40,000 tons/day, and the first phase 10,000 tons/day has been put into operation, with government investment and breakeven operation. Pre-treated life and production sewage of the settled enterprises is further treated by our sewage treatment plant and discharged when reached relevant standards.

Power: Power in the park is supplied by China’s largest power grid—East China Power Grid. Different voltages can be provided according to user needs: 380V, 10KV, 35KV and 110KV; in the park, there are four 110KV transformer substations specially for enterprise use, one 110KV public transformer substation and one 220KV public transformer substation.

Steam: There is a thermal power plant in the park to supply heat. And there are three 90T coal-fired boilers in the thermal power plant to supply 270T steam per hour and a variety of pressures from 1MPa to 2.2Mpa are available, with a temperature of about 250ºC.

Tap Water: Tap water is supplied by Changshu Sino French Water Supply Co. Ltd. Originated from the Yangtze River, the water features excellent quality, continuous and reliable supply, and the water supply pressure is about 0.3Mpa.

Natural Gas: Natural gas in the park is from the projects of Natural Gas Transmission from West to East and Sichuan to East, with a pressure of about 0.35 Mpa and average calorific value of 8,900 kcal/m3.

Communication: High-speed communication optical fiber is accessed to the park to ensure reliable connection of Internet and international phones.

Drainage: Rain and sewage is respectively drained in the park. Rain is drained smoothly by the storm sewers at the two sides of the roads.

Fire Control: We have a professional fire squadron, composed of 25 professional firefighters, with state-of-the-art facilities. The squadron periodically conducts joint fire drills with enterprises in the park to ensure the emergency rescue capability of the team.

Roads: Trunk roads inside the park have 6 lanes and sub trunk roads 4 lanes. There are sidewalks and road landscape green belts. A special cleaning and maintenance team takes charge of road sanitation and greening maintenance to ensure clean and smooth roads all the time.

Shipping: The park is close to the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, and goods can be exported and imported through Changshu Port, Zhangjiagang Port and Nantong Port. There are inland waterways like Wangyu River and Fushantang, available for berthing cargo ships under 500T.

Land: We are responsible for leveling the recommended lands.