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EP & Safety Control

Emergency Response Command Center
The center is multifunctional: Emergency rescue, major hazard monitoring and environmental monitoring.

Situations about the high-risk production device, pollution source emission, traffic and other real-time situations are delivered to the center (inside the administrative committee building) for dynamic monitoring and emergency command.


Ecological Wetland

As the park is nearby the Yangtze River and there are many companies in the park majoring in fluorine chemical industry, it is particularly important to protect water environment. When the ecological wetland treatment center is set up, it will connect these companies, the sewage treatment plant and the industrial water plant into an organic whole, to realize sustainable management of water resources. Water of the sewage treatment plant is deeply processed and then supplied to the industrial water plant, which provides industrial water to all the production-oriented enterprises. Through technology upgrading, closed-loop circulation of water is realized in order to achieve “zero discharge” of sewage.