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AMIP Honors

State base: AMIP focuses on scientific planning. As early as it was founded, former Planning Institute of Chemical Ministry compiled the overall plan for the park on its focused industries, industrial development and infrastructures construction. Meanwhile, many leaders and experts from authorities and institutions on chemical industry, environmental protection and health care such as State Planning Committee, Trade and Commerce Committee, Foreign Trade Ministry, Petrochemical State Bureau, Chinese Academy of Science have all involved in the scientific certification of the park planning and defined its developing direction. At present, AMIP is one part of Jiangsu Yangtze Riverside development strategy. It is also the core region of National Torch Plan Changshu High Molecule Advanced Materials Industrial Base and the only park featured with fluorine chemical and fluorine materials in China.

Green base: AMIP focuses on green civilization. It is one of the first 17 responsible care units and model industrial park on Eco industry in Jiangsu province. Park has the largest ODS alternative production base in the country granted by UNEP and SEPB, and the largest CDM project in the world with quantity of reduced greenhouse gas amounting to over 14 million tons of CO2, which has made active contribution to China’s fulfillment on Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocol. By now, there are 6 companies in the park having passed the clean production approval, 12 companies getting the ISO14001 certification and a couple of companies being included in the list of pilot enterprises to build the circular economy.

Scientific innovation base: AMIP focuses on scientific and technological innovation. It is the first technical industrial park in Jiangsu Province with a lot of high-tech enterprises. There are 7 high-tech enterprises above the provincial level, 2 provincial engineering technical R&D centers and 2 academician working stations which undertake hundreds of technical plans and projects. AMIP has taken the lead in building fluorine chemical industrial technical innovation strategy league and founded Changshu industrial technical innovation center with NUT’s materials chemical state key laboratory.