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Jiangsu Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park was founded in October 1999. It was named “Jiangsu High-tech Fluorine Chemical Industrial Park” under the approval of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government in July 2001. Thanks to its distinct characteristics and advantages in fluorine chemical field, the park was named “China Fluorine Chemical Industrial Park” in December 2006 by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation. In July 2008, to further strengthen park development and implement the principles and policies of China to develop advanced materials industry, a new title was given to the park—Jiangsu Changshu Advanced Materials Industrial Park. The park has become the fourth largest economic region in Changshu, focusing on developing advanced materials, fluorine chemicals, fine chemicals and bio-pharmaceuticals.

The park is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, facing Nantong across the Yangtze River in the north, 100km from Shanghai in the east, 50km from Suzhou and Wuxi in the south and west respectively. Freeways, highways, high-speed railways, light rails and inland waterways wove a convenient and efficient modern transportation network in the park. At present, 8km2 of its 15.02km2 planning area have been developed. A “Five-vertical & Five-horizontal” road frame has been set up and “nine connections and one leveling” have been realized: water, power, heat, gas, sewage, post, telecommunications, and closed circuit TV are available, and people are accessible to the paved roads and leveled ground. Fire station, thermal power plant, sewage treatment plant, drainage station and other public facilities and environmental remediation projects have been put into use.

In the face of new historical opportunities, we shall stress on optimizing comprehensive environment and constantly improve our service in the development concept of “Scientific Innovation, Green Civilization,” and endeavor to develop a “Domestically Top and Internationally Advanced Specialized and Unique Ecological Industrial Park.” The park will become a paradise for technological development, a powerful treasure land and an ecologically harmonious auspicious land.