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Investment Advantages

1. Obvious Industry Characteristics
AMIP mainly aims at developing new chemical materials, such as fluorine and silicon material, PU, special fiber, high performance membrane material, engineering plastic, ultra pure reagent and so on, extending the downstream products in the chemical material field and strengthening the Industrial cluster advantage. Industrial agglomeration not only can promote the popularity of the whole park and each enterprise, but also is able to provide convenience for enterprises’ communications, making our service more professional and more accurate.

2. Scientific and Innovation Supporting Platform
AMIP is the macromolecule material industry base of National Torch Plan. It has good cooperation with many universities and institutes such as NUT’s materials chemical state key laboratory, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), HUST (Huazhong University of Science and Technology), Chinese Academy of Science, etc. There have already been build many carriers such as engineering and technology centers, academician workstations, Post-Doctoral Research Centers and laboratory and pilot plants for high level innovation and entrepreneurial talents as well, serving ads the plat form for intrducing high-level talents.

3. High Efficient and Good Service
There are famous companies such as DuPont, Arkema, Daikin, Kureha, Solvay, Nuplex, 3F, Yunfeng, Huada, etc. in the Park. And there are always continues further investment and establishment from the settled companies, which proves the efficient and good investment environment.

4. Unique Geographic Advantage
Changshu is located at the intersection of China’s two most important expressways----Yangtze River expressway and Coastal expressway. It’s the major city of Shanghai economic circle and only 1 hour from Changshu to Shanghai. After the Riverside Intercity Railway is completed, it is only 30 minutes from Changshu Station to Hongqiao junction. Meanwhile, it is close to the Golden waterway---Yangtze River, enjoying a unique geographic advantage,

5. Comfortable Living Environment
Changshu enjoys beautiful scenery with both mountains and lakes, and has natural and human landscapes. Three miles of Yushan mountain winds its way into the city, and ten thousand of Shanghu Lake extends before the mountain. Mountain and lake, thousand year old city and alleys, yards and ancient gardens within the city, all these sceneries together, forms a unique water-mountain-city style and features. Changshu boasts mountain and waters. Its city shape is just like an ancient poem described “seven streams cross the town of Changshu all linking up with the Yangtze River while a seven-mile of Yushan Hill winds its way into the city.” Changshu is blessed with fertile land, plentiful product, and harvest year after year, hence the name of the city Changshu means always ripe and honored as “land of promise in south of Yangtze River”. And it is honored International Garden City by the Global international garden city the selection committee in 2004.

6. Profound Cultural Deposits
Changshu is the one of cradles of Wu culture. It has more than 3,000 years civilization history and over 1,700 years construction history; it is the first national historical and cultural city. From the Tang dynasty to Qing dynasty, altogether 8 No. 1 scholars, 9 prime ministers, 485 scholars had turned up. Till now numerous celebrities and talents have been born here, in the field of poem and prose, piano and chess, calligraphy and painting, mental and stone, traditional opera and so on. At present, there are 24 Changshu people in Chinese academy of science as well as engineering.