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1.1 Changshu Overview
Changshu is a national famous historical and cultural city, which is also an emerging port-based industrial city. The total area of Changshu is 1,264 square kilometres, with residents hitting 1.8 million, including 0.8 million temporary residents and 1.06 million local citizens . After decades of fast development, its GDP growth rate has been over 15% for consecutive years, with the financial revenues growth above 20% annually. In 2008, its GDP reached RMB 115 billion, the financial revenue achieved RMB 16 billion, including the local government budgetary revenue RMB 7 billion. In the meantime, it realized RMB 300 billion of gross industrial Output. For several consecutive years, Changshu has been among the Top 5 of 100 Strongest Country-level Cities in China.
Till now, there have been 2400 foreign-funded enterprises established in Changshu, with total foreign investment reaching USD 29billion. In addition, the aggregate register capital of Chinese domestic investment up to RMB 52billion.

1.2 Ideal Location and Transportation
Changshu boasts of an ideal geographic advantage with integrated air, ground and water transportation networks. Its highway density tops first in Jiangsu province (three times the average highway density of Jiangsu province). Changshu is one of the important transportation hubs in Shanghai Region. A sound logistics network has been fostered with high efficiency and low cost.

1.3 Nature and Tourism
Changshu is a famous tourism city in East China. It features a natural combination of hill,lake together with the city. The greenery coverage ratio in Changshu reaches 51.4%, with the per capita public green space up to 19.1sqm. Changshu has been granted a number of honors, such as National Sample City for Environmental Protection, National EcoCity, International Garden City, etc. Every year there are nearly 10 million tourists visiting Changshu, either for its profound culture, historical relics or the beautiful natural sceneries.

1.4 Culture and Education
Changshu people are major founders of the Wu Culture in the Yangtze River Delta from 3000 years ago, so Changshu was named as a National Historical and Cultural City in China. Over the history, a large number of famous celebrities, scholars, artists emerged from Changshu.
So traditionally Changshu people respect education and culture. Till today, Changshu is still famous for its profound cultures. Now there is one university, 6 vocational schools, 40 high schools,60 elementary schools, etc.